Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Christmas, people always seem to be at ease and have feelings of security and comfort. Because of the wonderful feeling that this holiday brings, many people look forward to it to the point that they prepare for Christmas a month before December.

In addition to giving gifts and having a tree displayed in your living room, one way of showcasing your Christmas spirit is with Christmas lights. To make the most out of these lights, you need to know some FAQs before you cover your space with them.

Whether you are planning to hang your Christmas lights on your exteriors or indoors, here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the proper and safe way to hang Christmas lights.

Plugging Christmas lights in may seem to be a no-brainer. However, for your safety, you should do everything to avoid any negative consequences like sparks resulting in fires or electrocutions.

To have amazing shining lights instead of sparks flying, you should insert your Christmas lights in a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet. This is appropriate for Christmas lights since a GFCI outlet will automatically shut down power if it senses overcurrent, which is highly likely when it comes to Christmas lights.

If you do not have a GFCI outlet, call for an electrician so they can install one, either permanently or temporarily, for you.

You neither want to have excess Christmas lights, which will result in clutter, nor do you want to have less since it may leave your home shining bright on a specific facade but with few lights on another.

If you want to avoid these problems, make the right measurements first before heading to the store. To make the right measurements, it is important that you have a 25-foot or even longer measuring tape on hand. Then measure your house from the ground up. If you are planning to decorate the trees on your property or your windows, also measure them from bottom to top or have the right circumference.

Christmas lights may result in clutter if they are not properly stored. To store them neatly, wrap the cords around the lights’ string reel. As an alternative, you can also use a piece of cardboard. Then store them in a bag or a box that is properly labeled since you can reuse these lights for next year.