Christmas Light Installers for Government Buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

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Installing Christmas-related decorations in government buildings can be a tricky affair. This is mainly because the government cannot show preference to one religion or another. This limits the types and materials that you can use as décor in government buildings. With one wrong move, you can get yourself into a huge controversy.

However, laws do not restrain government organizations from celebrating the holidays. They can still hang lights, invite a Santa Claus impersonator, and use other secular decorations. In some cases, it is still possible to display religion-related symbols, but you need to follow numerous considerations.

If you do not want to risk yourself and your organization, we highly recommend that you let us help you with your Christmas lights and holiday décor installation. We provide the best Christmas light installations for government buildings in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Our highly-skilled technicians are well versed with the dos and don’ts of decorating government establishments.

Our Government Establishment Christmas Lights Installations Service Includes:

  • Traditional and standard holiday lights for Christmas
  • Low voltage LEDs and lasers
  • Decorative trees, wreaths, and garlands
  • Static and programmed animated displays

With our service, you can rest easy that you will not receive any complaints about religious promotion or favoritism. If your budget is tight, you can opt for our rental option, which can save you a lot of money. Also, we understand that making space for Christmas lights in your establishment can be a pain, so we can store them for you until the time you will need them again next year.