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Commercial Christmas Lighting & Installation Services in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

We Are Here To Let You Have the Most Wonderful Christmas Decorations This Year!

Seeing the twinkling Christmas lighting in your lovely commercial district in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas signifies the start of the wonderful holiday season. You will see these beautiful lights hanging loosely on the rooftop of the building next to yours or wrapped around your company’s huge Christmas tree. This holiday season is the best time of the year, and it would not hurt you to join the fun by decorating your commercial space.

However, it does not mean that you should put anyone at risk of falling. Let us be the ones who will climb the ladder and wrangle your Christmas lights out of storage. Don’t put yourself or your staff at unnecessary risk in your business space. After all, accidentally installing the Christmas décor and lights improperly could result in a fire!

Don’t stress this fun holiday season. Get our reliable and extensive all-inclusive service. It is a surefire way to guarantee that you will have properly installed Christmas lights and delightfully designed decorations without you or anyone in your company having to break a sweat. We here at Texas Christmas Lights can promise you that!

Let Us Help You!

We will not let you down as it brings us joy when we see our clients gaze in amazement at our work. One of our company’s goals is for you to fully appreciate and experience the true spirit of this holiday season.

To top all of that, our all-inclusive service does not stop at installation. We will also perform all the needed maintenance and repairs to ensure that your lights will continue twinkling until next year. In case something goes wrong, we are a phone call away; as soon as we hear from you, we will dispatch someone to fix it.

When the holiday season is over, we will also take care of removing the decorations we installed. Besides, we will make sure that you can reuse the lights and decorations you bought or rented by also taking care of storing them in our facilities, where we will keep all of them dry and safe.

Allowing everyone — including you, of course — to enjoy Christmas to the fullest extent is one of the high-priority missions that we strive to accomplish each year. We hope to bring smiles to your employees, customers, and visitors.

Request a Free Christmas Light Installation Quote

Call us now to schedule a visit from our artsy and seasoned design consultants. They will check the place where you want to put lights and decorations and estimate the installation cost. Do not worry; the estimate is entirely free, and we will not force you to take our service if you change your mind.

You can also rest easy that whatever your vision for your Christmas decoration for this year, we will make it happen. If you do not have time to develop a design, our team will provide you with suggestions and ideas that would look great and fit right in your commercial space.

Why Choose Texas Christmas Lights

All-Inclusive Service

We will make things simple and easy for you. We will provide you with everything for your Christmas decorations, like the lights and accessories. Included in the package are our installation, maintenance, removal, and storage services.

You can also rest easy that we will make sure to take care of all the small details like hiding the cords and making everything appear flawless. And in case that there is a burnt-out bulb or any technical/electrical/mechanical issue with the items we installed, you can expect that we will send out one of our technicians as soon as we receive your call or message.

Team of Highly Trained Veterans

All our technicians and consultants are experts in Christmas decorations and installations. They can handle any decorating job size — whether it is for your shop or even your neighborhood.

You can expect that our install technicians will follow all safety guidelines to a tee and provide you with answers to your questions. They have undergone extensive training and yearly training updates. You can rest assured that they will also install everything without disrupting your regular business operations. You do not even need to keep an eye on them.

Free Estimate

We will send our top design consultants to your commercial property and provide you with ideas and suggestions about your Christmas decoration. They will then provide you with a free estimate and talk to you about when we can set up your Christmas lights.

Of course, we highly value your input, so be sure to tell our consultants your expectations and everything that you want to happen with your Christmas decorations. It will allow them to incorporate everything into one budget-friendly yet gorgeous decoration plan. Also, feel free to ask anything that you want to know. We will not charge you anything until you request that we start the installation.

Christmas Light Installation For Commercial Spaces

We can install Christmas lights and decorations in every commercial space:


Attract more people to come into your mall and visit your shops with the help of our professionally installed Christmas lights and décor!


Liven up your neighborhood by letting us light up the streets and shared structures with our beautiful decorative lights!

City Parks

Let us handle the massive undertaking of decorating your city park safely and beautifully. Our highly trained technicians can quickly cover a lot of ground and can greatly reduce any potential incidents that Christmas lights may cause.

Government Buildings

Installing lights and religion-related decorations in government buildings can be tricky. With our experience and knowledge of the do’s and don’ts in decorating such establishments, we will make your life easy.


Students may leave even before you finish installing your lights and decorations because of winter break. Let us do the installation for you. We promise you that we will do it quickly without any fuss.

Event Centers

Whatever the occasion, decorative lights are needed to liven up any event! Let our experts help you design and install those lights and décor!

Sports Complexes

Amp up your sports complex by letting your members and visitors see the sparkle of the stunning Christmas lights decorations that we install!


Lift the spirits in your hospital and induce a celebratory mood by hiring us to install your Christmas lights.


Improve the morale of your employees or colleagues by making your office space a bit merrier than usual!


It is no secret that people are enticed to a shop visually first. Our Christmas lights and decoration can help you boost your sales and attract more foot traffic to your stall or commercial space.


Give your guests a visual treat by allowing our technicians to design and install luxurious and dazzling decorative lights this holiday season!


Make your customers go back more frequently these winter months by establishing a more festive mood in your restaurant by having a lovely display of Christmas décor and lights.

Salons & Spas

Let your patrons enjoy their stay in your spa and salon with our exquisite and charming decorative lights for Christmas!

Shopping Centers

Our Christmas lights can captivate and entice customers and passersby to visit your shopping center. Do you not believe us? Try us out!

Weddings & Receptions

Special occasions demand special decorations. We will make sure that our Christmas light decoration and installation will perfectly complement your wedding!

Celebrate The Holiday Season With Professionally Installed And Decorated Christmas Lights!

It is hard to imagine Christmas without decorative lights. Seeing them dangling and twinkling around lets anyone feel that there is still time to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season. And even if buying, installing, and removing Christmas lights might feel like a drag, you do not need to feel that way since we are here to help you out.

Request Your Free Bid!

Do not hold yourself back! Call us right now to start planning about your Christmas lighting and Christmas decor this year. Our design consultants are waiting for you to arrange a schedule with them. Know that they are as excited as you are!

Texas Christmas Lights can fully accommodate almost every installation request in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas. And you will know right away if we can work on your request once you meet the design consultant that will visit your location.

Our design consultants will not just make sure that your Christmas decorations will look great, but they also will make sure that they will fit your budget. Their goal is to make your holiday decorations this year look like a small piece taken out from a fairy tale.

If you want to know more about our past clients and works, we will proudly tell you all about them.