Two things remind people that the Christmas season is just around the corner: Black Friday and Christmas lights. As you see those colorful twinkling bulbs hanging on your neighbors’ rooftops, you are prompted to start decorating as well.

However, as Thanksgiving already exhausted you and Black Friday may have depleted your budget, you might force yourself to either delay decorating or skimp out. Do not let that happen. Instead, get our help.

We are the best and most reputable residential Christmas light Installations company in Texas, and we can relieve you of the stress of planning and decorating for the holiday season. And instead of buying new lights every year, you can rent our lights or let us store your Christmas lights for you to reuse them next year as if they are brand new.

We do not just hang lights on your rooftops. We can decorate and install them on your trees, landscaping, patios, and porches. Our goal is to make your home and entire property bring out that unique festive atmosphere you will only feel during the Christmas season.

Our team is composed of experts in designing and installing Christmas lights in both residential and commercial areas. You can rely on us to come up with designs or make your ideas come to life.

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Our Residential Services Include:

  • Designing And Consultation: The last thing you would want to happen is for your decoration and lightings to be too similar to your neighbors. We can help you brainstorm and give you recommendations to have the best Christmas lights and décor this holiday season.
  • Installation And Maintenance: We have insured and fully licensed technicians who are well-equipped with the proper and modern tools to ensure they will finish the job right the first time. They are well-trained to perform installation, repair, and uninstallation. We are confident that they will not give you any hassle.
  • Removal And Storage: Once Christmas and New Year are over, we can go ahead and remove the lights and decorations for you. We can also take them away and store them in our facilities to safeguard them until you need them again next holiday season.

Our Christmas Lights and Décor Come With the Following:

  • Standard and classic Christmas lights (mini, large, C-7)
  • Low voltage LED lightings and low voltage lasers
  • Christmas trees, bows, garlands, bells, arches, and wreaths
  • Animated displays and light sculptures
  • Pole mounted décor and banners

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Decorating your home with Christmas lights should be a fun experience to have, but most of the time, it can become a stressful ordeal. It should not be like that, so we are here to help.

You can rely on us when it comes to residential Christmas light Installations. We have a team of reliable and highly trained technicians that will work with you to get those lights flashing and twinkling on your home.