Dallas & Fort Worth, TX Christmas Lights Services

Do you want to install your Christmas lights but have no time or equipment to get started? We’ve got your back! Our company can provide you with efficient Christmas lights installation services when and where you need them. Just let us know, and our Christmas lights installers can discuss the details with you.

Our Services

We have different services that may fit your specific needs. Let us know ahead of time so we can prepare the required equipment and manpower to complete the task.

Residential Installation

This is the ideal service for you if you plan to install your Christmas lights and you need an extra pair of hands. Because this service requires small-scale installation, we may perform the assessment and installation on the same day. Just let us know if this works well for you.

Commercial Installation

This is the perfect service for you if you’re looking for a large-scale installation. Let our Christmas lights installers know a few weeks ahead when you want the lights installed. This will help us carefully plan the logistics.

This will also give you time to think about the concept that you want to have for your final design. Once everything is settled, we will deploy our team and start working on the project. This can take between three days to one week depending on the complexity of the design and the scale of the area.

The Process

Our company will walk you through the entire installation process before we get started. This will let you know what to expect and how long each step will take before they are completed. Because each household or commercial space is unique, each has its own timeline as well.


We will check out the general area where the lights will be installed. We will also see where we can set up the necessary equipment for installation. This is especially important if you are getting the commercial installation services.


After seeing the general layout of the location, we will discuss how you want the Christmas lights to be placed. You may prepare some reference photos to give us an idea of the different aspects of the design. Some of these aspects include the general color scheme, layout, and arrangement of the decorations that will be placed alongside the Christmas lights.

Installation and Removal

As for installation and removal, our Christmas lights installers will ensure that there is enough manpower to complete the work in residential areas within a day. We will also bring along equipment like ladders and harnesses to make the work efficient.

Repair and Maintenance

Depending on how long you plan to keep the lights up, we may perform routine checks once or twice a month. This will depend on our agreement. We can also do repairs on faulty bulbs, arrangements, and wirings as needed.

Call Us Today for a Quote

Call us if you need your Christmas lights installed as soon as possible. This way, we can discuss with you how we can get started with the entire process. We can also provide you with a quote to help you estimate how much you will need for the services. You may also visit us at our shop so our Christmas lights installers can show you some samples of how we arrange the decorations.